Would You Feel More Radiant with Professional Whitening?

Smile Confidently with Cosmetic DentistryAre you embarrassed by the deep discoloration of some or even all of your teeth? Over time, have you watched in dental dismay as your once bright smile became more and more yellow, grey, or simply dingy? If your pearly whites are looking less than bright, have you considered the ways that cosmetic dentistry could help revive and rejuvenate your smile? Bright white teeth help create a great and lasting first impression. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening can likely help give you just such a radiant smile, and the confidence that comes along with it!

Have You Been Unhappy with the Results of Whitening Products In the Past?

One reason to consider professional whitening is if you have already tried and been unhappy with the results of over-the-counter products in the past. Many options that promise whitening which you find on drugstore or grocery store shelves are designed only to lighten teeth slightly over long periods of time, rather than creating noticeable results quickly, the way professional teeth whitening can. So, if you are looking for dramatic results, fast, it is wise to speak with your cosmetic dentist about how professional whitening treatment can help.

What Happens If Your Esthetic Concerns Are Actually Intrinsic?

If your cosmetic dentist determines your teeth’s stains to be permanent or intrinsic in nature, there is still hope for a whiter smile. That is because many cosmetic dentists also offer cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers, both of which can help to hide permanent staining, allowing for a brighter, whiter-looking smile.

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