What Does Your Smile Need in 2017?

What does Your Smile Need in 2017?Wondering what you need to do, in 2017, to keep your smile in great shape? Maybe you suffered from several cavities or other dental issues, this year, and are hoping to improve your oral health come January. Whatever your motivation, behind trying to better care for your smile in the coming year, the good news is that dental care doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised just how simple proper oral care can be, by combining smart choices at home with routine dental visits!

Be Smart About What You Eat

One incredibly simple way to care for your smile is by choosing healthy foods that can actually benefit your dental health. For instance, fruits and vegetables are not only low in sugar, they tend to be high in water content, which is particularly great for the smile.

Limiting sugar, in general, can be beneficial. Since the bacteria in the mouth feed on sugars, consuming too much greatly increases your risk of developing cavities and other dental issues, as well, like gum disease.

Drink Lots of Water

Speaking of water, water is absolutely essential to good oral heath. So be sure you are drinking enough to both keep your body hydrated and your smile healthy. Water is necessary to oral health because it can help to gently rinse the teeth clean in between brushings, and it also helps the body to produce saliva, a natural defense against plaque buildup.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

If you are not already flossing your teeth, adding this to your dental hygiene routine can be extremely beneficial. Without flossing, brushing can leave bacteria and food particles behind, particularly in between teeth where the bristles cannot reach.

Just make sure you are also seeing the dentist regularly, for preventive care like checkups and exams. These visits are crucial to keeping the smile healthy, especially long-term.

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