Restore Your Smile with a Tooth-colored Filling

Restore Your Smile Beautifully with a Tooth-colored FillingOuch! Did that sip of your morning cup of coffee come with an unexpected side of discomfort? Have you also noticed heightened sensitivity when trying to enjoy a bowl of hot soup, or when stealing a bite from your kids’ ice cream cone? If so, you could be struggling with a dental cavity. Sadly, the vast majority of adults will experience cavities in their lifetimes. In fact, some studies indicate nearly 90 percent of American adults will deal with dental decay. Fortunately, modern tooth-colored dental fillings make it possible to rebound from cavities quickly, and with a smile that will feel better and still inspire confidence. So don’t delay a dental appointment, if you could have a cavity. Instead find out how your restorative dentist could help you enjoy your meals, and more importantly your life, once again! (more…)

Is It Time for a Smile Makeover? Part Two

Is It Time for Your Smile Makeover?Many people spend years feeling insecure about their smiles, because of imperfections such as deep teeth staining, gaps between teeth, jagged edges caused by wear, or even disproportionately sized teeth. Sadly many of those people choose not to seek dental treatment for fear that it will be too expensive, take too long to complete, or that the results will be short-lived. Fortunately modern cosmetic dentistry can dispel each of these concerns, as there are actually a variety of ways to help improve the smile’s appearance! Porcelain veneers are one excellent choice for many patients looking to enjoy a more beautiful smile!


Is It Time for a Smile Makeover? Part One

Is It Time for a Smile Makeover?Have you grown embarrassed of your smile, because of noticeable imperfections such as deep staining, oddly sized or shaped teeth, or even minor gaps between some of your teeth? Few physical traits have a greater impact on your sense of confidence than your smile. That’s because your smile is likely the first thing people will notice when they meet you, and one of the last they will forget. To ensure your smile is something you actually feel proud to show off, talk to your cosmetic dentist about what can be done to hide your imperfections and create a beautiful and natural-looking smile. (more…)

Could Your Smile Be Restored Seamlessly with a Dental Crown?

Could a Dental Crown Improve Your Smile?Have you begun experiencing discomfort when trying to enjoy meals, due to heightened sensitivity caused by severe tooth decay? Did you suffer an injury to your mouth, and now you are embarrassed by a chip or a crack in part of your smile? There are a number of potential situations that could create the need for restorative dentistry. Fortunately, porcelain dental crowns provide a wonderful way to address many of these issues, in a way that can improve both a patient’s comfort and the esthetics of the smile. (more…)

Shine Bright This Summer with Professional Teeth Whitening

Shine Bright with Professional WhiteningSummer is a wonderful time to squeeze in more actual face time with your favorite people. From family reunions to best friend’s weddings, backyard barbecues to graduation celebrations, there will likely be numerous opportunities this summer to relish time with loved ones, which inevitably lead to photo ops. This summer, you can help make sure your smile is ready for the close-ups, by getting professional teeth whitening. Few over-the-counter products can create dramatic results as quickly as professional treatment. So talk to your cosmetic dentist about how professional whitening could help you smile this summer! (more…)

Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Smiles

Prevent Problems with Preventive Dental CareDo you want to ensure your kids get to enjoy this summer with beautiful and healthy smiles? Whether you’ll be taking a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with the entire family, or lounging around your own backyard and exploring local parks, chances are you want their smiles to be ready for the ensuing photo ops. Even more importantly, you probably feel responsible to do all you can to ensure they get to grow up enjoying great oral health? Fortunately, your preventive dentist is a great resource when it comes to caring for young smiles. With these simple tips, you can help reduce your kids’ likelihood of developing cavities and other common dental problems, and help make sure they enjoy healthy smiles this summer, and the whole year through. (more…)

Understanding the Role Your Gums Play in a Healthy Smile

Protect Your Smile with Periodontal TreatmentWhen you think of a healthy smile, do you immediately envision beautiful white teeth? If so, you’re not alone. In their pursuit of oral health, many people focus their attention on their teeth. Unfortunately this can sometimes do them a disservice. That is because teeth are only one half of the equation to a healthy smile. You also need healthy gum tissue! Even if your teeth look and feel healthy, it is possible your gums could be in poor health, which could threaten your overall smile and might have a negative impact on your overall health as well. To prevent this, it’s important to understand how you can best prevent gum disease and keep your gums and teeth in great health! (more…)

Want a Better Smile? Cosmetic Dentistry Could Help

Cosmetic Dentistry Could Help Your SmileAre you tired of feeling insecure because of your smile? Even minor imperfections can cause an otherwise confident person, to feel like hiding his or her smile. That’s because few physical features play a bigger role in a person’s first impression, making a healthy an attractive smile a wonderful asset. Fortunately cosmetic dentistry can help hide common teeth imperfections, and help to create more beautiful smiles in their place. So if you are tired of hiding your smile, or feeling self-conscious because of imperfections in it, it is time to talk to a cosmetic dentist about how your smile could become a source of great pride! (more…)

What Can You Do to Prevent Dental Problems?

Preventive Dentistry Tips for a Healthy SmileWas one of your New Year’s resolutions to take better care of your smile? Whether your commitment to oral care was inspired by dental problems in the past, or simply a desire to maintain a lovely and healthy smile, a preventive dentist can help in your quest. Diagnostic exams and preventive cleanings are wonderful ways to help keep the smile free from acidic tartar buildup, which can be unsightly, but can also lead to dental problems like cavities and gum disease. Fortunately, there are also some simple steps you can take at-home to keep your smile healthier between dental visits.