Could a Dental Implant Complete Your Smile?

Could a Dental Implant Complete Your Smile?Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a hauntingly incomplete smile? When it is time to enjoy dinner, as a family, do you hide out instead, for fear that people will notice your ill-fitting dental prosthetic, or worse, the fact that you have to take it out in order to be able to chew comfortably? Adult tooth loss can be troubling for a number of reasons. Aside from the cosmetic insecurities it can cause, tooth loss can also create difficulty chewing, which can lead many seniors to struggle with maintaining proper nutrition as they age. Fortunately, dental implant restorations provide a secure and stylish way to cope with tooth loss, so patients can finally do more than settle for a dental prostheses; they can enjoy a complete smile once again! (more…)

Is Your Smile Telling You It’s Time for Restorative Treatment?

Is Your Smile In Need of Restoration?Have your coffee breaks, this week, been interrupted by dental discomfort so distracting you weren’t even able to finish your latte? Did you pass up dessert on your last date night, solely out of fear how it would affect your teeth? Sensitivity and discomfort are two common warning signs of dental trouble, but they are hardly the only way your smile can indicate that you could be in need of restorative treatment. By learning to pay attention to changes in your smile, and being diligent about attending routine dental checkups and cleanings, you can better protect your oral health. (more…)

Answering Your Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

Questions About Pediatric Dentistry?As a parent, there are lots of things you do to help keep your kids safe and healthy. You make sure they buckle up when they’re in the car with you, and that they eat breakfast everyday before school. You make sure they wear a helmet to rider their bikes, brush their teeth before bed, and that they don’t eat bags full of candy before supper. But do you ever wonder what more you could and should be doing to help care for their smiles? If so, your family’s dentist can help advise you what other preventive steps you can take, to help make sure they enjoy healthy and beautiful smiles. (more…)

Enjoy a More Beautiful Smile, Soon, with Cosmetic Dentistry

A Beautiful Smile with Cosmetic DentistryFrom staining to spacing issues, weirdly-shaped teeth to those jagged from use, noticeable flaws can make it difficult to smile confidently. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers a number of fast and effective treatment options, which can help to reverse a host of imperfections and leave you with a beautiful smile. So if you are ready to put an end to longing for a better smile, talk to your dentist about how cosmetic treatment can help enhance your smile! (more…)

Good Foods for Great Oral Health

Good Foods for Dental HealthAre you unsure how healthy your smile actually is, and curious to know if there is more you could or should be doing to protect it from common dental problems like cavities? While dental hygiene and routine checkups and cleanings are good ways to keep your smile healthy and cavity-free, another simple way to protect your oral health is by eating a well-balanced, healthy diet. After all, the food you eat impacts your entire wellbeing, including your smile. So make your meals count, by choosing items that will be great for both your body and your oral health!


Dazzle This Year with Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Bright This Year with Cosmetic DentistryAre you tired of feeling insecure because of imperfections in your smile? Tired of trying, in vain, to hide your teeth while out with friends, because you don’t want them to notice the flaws in your smile that have long troubled you? Don’t head into another school year feeling embarrassed by your teeth, when cosmetic dentistry could help give you a smile you’ll actually feel excited to show off. In fact, there are a number of fast and effective treatment options that could leave you with a dazzling smile, just in time for the start of yet another semester! (more…)

Can You Avoid Cavities and Other Dental Issues Through Oral Care?

Can You Avoid Dental Cavities?If you have struggled with dental cavities in the past, then you have probably wondered what more you could be doing to protect your oral health. Even though cavities and other dental problems are largely avoidable through proper preventive care, the vast majority of adults in America will still experience dental decay. Many will even develop gum disease. Fortunately, you do not have to be one of them. By combining at-home hygiene with routine dental checkups and cleanings, you can help ensure both your teeth and gums stay healthy, and that your smile looks and feels great for many years to come! (more…)

Can You Smile More Proudly with a Porcelain Crown?

Can You Smile Proudly with a Porcelain Crown?Were you recently involved in an accident that left one or several of your teeth visibly damaged? Chips and cracks might seem like purely cosmetic concerns. However, over time even minor chips and cracks can lead to more extensive damage of the teeth. They can also be indication that intrinsic damage might have been done to the tooth, as well. To prevent the need for extensive restorative measures, it is best to schedule a dental appointment at the first sign of trouble. Chips and cracks are common indications restoration is needed, but if you have suffered any injury to your mouth, it is also wise to seek restorative treatment. (more…)

Keep Calm and Talk to a Restorative Dentist

Keep Calm and Seek Restorative TreatmentAre you worried that you may have developed a dental problem like a cavity? Have you noticed changes to your smile, and are concerned that they could be signs of trouble? If so, it is important to schedule an appointment with your restorative dentist as quickly as possible. Prompt action often means the difference between a minimally invasive treatment being effective, and the need for more extensive measures becoming necessary. So if you want to protect, even improve your smile, it is time to speak with your restorative dentist. You might be pleasantly surprised how quickly, effectively and even beautifully the dentist could restore your smile! (more…)