Is It Time for a Smile Update?

Time for a Smile Update?Do you wish you could enjoy confidence when smiling, or comfort when chewing? Does it feel like ages since you were able to enjoy a meal without discomfort, or pose for a photo without wanting to hide your not-so-pearly whites? There are a number of reasons people begin to feel insecure about their smiles, or even uncomfortable when chewing. Fortunately, modern dental services make it possible to address most issues quickly, and with great-looking results. So if you are ready for a smile update, it’s time to talk to your dentist about how – and which – treatment could help. (more…)

What Is Gum Disease and Could I Have It?

What Is Gum Disease and Do I Have It?Gingivitis, periodontitis and gum disease – chances are you have heard these terms, before, but you may not have realized that they are all describing the same condition, simply at varying degrees. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, a condition that affects millions of Americans each year. It often results in red, tender, and swollen gums. The gums might bleed easily, as well, particularly during brushing or flossing. Fortunately, gum disease is preventable, namely through proper preventive dentistry. Unfortunately, many patients fail to get the care their smiles need, in order to adequately prevent gum disease, as well as other common oral health threats. If you do have gum disease, it is important to seek treatment quickly, in order to prevent the condition from worsening. (more…)

How Do I Know If I Have a Cavity?

How Do You Know If You Have a Cavity?Did you morning cup of coffee come with a side of sensitivity? What about the last time you tried to share a dessert, were you disturbed by dental discomfort? Sensitivity and discomfort are common warning signs of dental cavities, which happen to be the most common dental problem faced by children and adults alike. In fact, recent studies estimate that over 90 percent of the adults in America will be diagnosed with dental decay. Fortunately, if you are one of the millions affected by cavities, your restorative dentist can help improve your comfort and your smile! (more…)

Is It Time for a New Dental Prostheses?

Time for a Dental Prostheses?When was the last time you really felt confident showing off your smile, or even enjoying a meal? Does it feel like ages since you were not plagued by insecurity or embarrassment related to either your incomplete smile, or your ill-fitting prostheses? Dentures remain a popular choice for completing the smile after adult tooth loss. However, they are not the only way to address tooth loss. In fact, there are several more secure options, which are worth considering. (more…)

Reasons to Kick That Soda Habit, Once and for All

Soda Habit? Why to StopDo you love an iced cold soda in the afternoon, as a pick-me-up? How about when you wake up in the morning, with dinner, and possibly even as a dessert? While you probably already know that the added sugar in colas could be bad for your waistline and overall health, have you ever considered what that soda habit could be doing to your dental health? Soda is one of the most dangerous drinks you can consume, from an oral health perspective. Perhaps understanding why could help you kick that habit, once and for all. (more…)

Put Your Best Smile Forward in 2017 with Cosmetic Dentistry

Enjoy Your Best Smile with cosmetic DentistryDoes it feel like ages since you last looked in the mirror and liked what you saw? More specifically, do you find yourself shying away from photos with family or even dinners out with friend, because of how embarrassed you feel by the imperfections in your smile? Esthetic concerns like staining, minor spacing issues and inconsistencies in the size or shape of the teeth, can create feelings of embarrassment, unease and even frustration. Fortunately cosmetic dentistry can help address many issues, quickly and efficiently, so you can start smiling proudly, instead of wanting to hide your pearly whites. (more…)

Can a Dentist Restore Your Comfort and Confidence?

Can a Dentist Restore Your Comfort and Confidence?Are you embarrassed by visible damage to one or several of your teeth? Worse, have you spent much of 2016 frustrated by sensitivity or discomfort, caused by a dental problem, like a cavity or trauma? There are a number of reasons people might require restorative dentistry. Yet many postpone dental visits for fear of how treatment will feel, or what their smiles will look like following the restoration. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry provides a number of comfortable and confidence-inducing ways to address dental problems. So if you want to spend 2017 enjoying great oral health, and a beautiful smile, schedule a consultation to find out how restorative treatment could help! (more…)

Look Great In Photos with These Smile Tips

Look Great with Smile TipsThe holiday season is in full swing now, which means that between now and New Year’s Eve you will likely have a variety of photo ops with family and friends. Does that make you a bit concerned, though, because you have never liked the way you smile in photos? If so, don’t fret the festive holiday season, or all the photo taking that tends to come along with it. Instead, take some simple smiling tips from your general dentist. After all, who knows more about beautiful smiles? (more…)

What Does Your Smile Need in 2017?

What does Your Smile Need in 2017?Wondering what you need to do, in 2017, to keep your smile in great shape? Maybe you suffered from several cavities or other dental issues, this year, and are hoping to improve your oral health come January. Whatever your motivation, behind trying to better care for your smile in the coming year, the good news is that dental care doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised just how simple proper oral care can be, by combining smart choices at home with routine dental visits!

Can You Prevent Dental Problems This Christmas Season?

Can You Prevent Dental Problems This Season?Who doesn’t love the holiday season and all the merriment that comes along with it? From the lights on display to the time reserved for gathering with loved ones, the children’s palpable joy at the sight of what Santa brings them, to the opportunity to give to others, what is your favorite part of the season? Whatever you look forward to most, don’t let your excitement cause you to compromise general dental health? After all, your smile still needs routine care. Keep yours healthy throughout December and beyond, by taking simple steps to protect your dental health. (more…)