Ouch! Is That a Cavity Causing Your Tooth Sensitivity?

Is That A Dental Cavity?Has it been months since you were last able to enjoy your daily cup of coffee without wincing silently in pain? Even though dessert has long been your favorite food group, do you now find yourself passing it up because you can’t stand the discomfort you feel when biting into a sweet treat? Did you know that sensitivity and discomfort are common warning signs of dental cavities? Even discoloration can sometimes be indication of enamel erosion characteristic of dental caries, or as they are more commonly called, cavities. Most adults will experience cavities. Fortunately, they can generally be addressed through minimally invasive treatment like a dental filling. However, it is important to note that the longer a cavity goes untreated, the more likely it is to create further discomfort, and eventually the need for extensive treatment such as root canal therapy.

Know the Warning Signs of Dental Cavities

One simple way to protect your smile is to pay attention to changes, such as heightened sensitivity, discoloration, or discomfort, particularly when trying to enjoy hot or cold foods or beverages, or those that are high in sugar content (a problem since the plaque bacteria responsible for creating dental cavities feeds on sugar).

By paying attention, and knowing the symptoms of cavities, you are far more likely to seek restorative dental treatment promptly, and that is crucial in preventing the development of an infection caused by the erosion, and prolonged exposure to bacteria.

Protect Against Future Decay with Preventive Dental Care

Of course, it is largely possible to prevent cavities through proper preventive care. This generally requires daily dental hygiene, both brushing and flossing, healthy dietary choices (such as an avoidance of large amounts of sugar) and routine preventive checkups and cleanings, as well.

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