Is Your Smile Telling You It’s Time for Restorative Treatment?

Is Your Smile In Need of Restoration?Have your coffee breaks, this week, been interrupted by dental discomfort so distracting you weren’t even able to finish your latte? Did you pass up dessert on your last date night, solely out of fear how it would affect your teeth? Sensitivity and discomfort are two common warning signs of dental trouble, but they are hardly the only way your smile can indicate that you could be in need of restorative treatment. By learning to pay attention to changes in your smile, and being diligent about attending routine dental checkups and cleanings, you can better protect your oral health.

Pay Attention To Warning Signs Your Teeth or Gums Are In Trouble

Fortunately, your teeth and gums will often indicate when there is a potential threat to your oral health. By paying attention to changes in your smile, then, you can increase the likelihood that burgeoning issues such as cavities or gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, will be detected early, when minimally invasive treatment can still be effective.

Common warning signs of dental problems include:

  • Sensitivity or discomfort, either with a single tooth or throughout the mouth
  • Discoloration, such as visible yellow plaque buildup, white patches or grey or black lines, which could indicate the enamel has eroded away and a cavity is forming
  • Chronic dry mouth, which can cause bad breath, discomfort, and is often a contributing factor to larger issues, like cavities or gum disease, which would require periodontal treatment
  • Inflamed or easily irritated gum tissue, such as those that bleed easily during flossing
  • Chronic bad breath, which could indicate an over abundance of germs and bacteria, or even an infection

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