How to Improve a Traditional Dental Bridge

how to improve a traditional dental bridgeReplacing lost teeth is arguably one of the most vital functions of modern dentistry. After all, without an adequate amount of teeth, you’d be unable to properly chew your food or enunciate your words clearly. A healthy human mouth contains 32 teeth, or 28 if you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, which offers an immense variety of possible tooth loss combinations and patterns.

Replacing your lost teeth, therefore, is a unique experience, and the materials used must be customized to your specific needs. For instance, as the name suggests, a dental bridge closes the gap left in your smile, restoring your smile’s beauty and function even if you’ve lost multiple teeth (as long as they’re adjacent). However, your dentist can improve their traditional design by securing them to one or more dental implants for unmatched stability and performance.

A Look at Traditional Dental Bridges

Usually, a dental bridge consists of the appropriate number of replacement teeth (crafted from lifelike dental porcelain) situated on a frame with a dental crown on either end. These crowns are bonded to the remaining teeth adjacent to the empty space, called abutment teeth, to hold your dental prosthetic in place. If you’ve lost multiple teeth in nonadjacent places (scattered), then using multiple traditional dental bridges may not be a viable option.

A Sturdier Foundation with Dental Implants

While dental bridges and other restorations are designed to closely mimic your natural teeth’s appearance, a dental implant is the only dental restoration designed to mimic your tooth’s entire natural structure. Surgically inserted into your jawbone, dental implants provide a secure anchor for your dental bridge without manipulating healthy tooth structure, and are more stable than the time honored crown-and-abutment-teeth design. Also, implants allow you to more effectively address scattered tooth loss, and can restore the stimulation your teeth’s roots once provided that help keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

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