Do You Need Treatment For TMJ Disorder?

mischenko tmjDo you frequently experience a popping or crackling sensation in your jaw? What may seem like a minor annoyance could actually be a warning sign of a serious problem. Over ten million people suffer from TMJ disorder, also known as TMD. Do you need treatment for TMJ disorder? What causes TMD?

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Disorder

Question: What causes TMJ disorder?

Answer: TMD develops when the temporomandibular joints undergo excessive amounts of strain, causing problems opening and closing the mouth. The strain could be the result of bruxism (teeth grinding/jaw clenching), tooth loss, malocclusion, or injury to the jaw or face.

Question: What are the common warning signs?

Answer: You may notice a popping or clicking sensation in your jaw, as we mentioned above. Other symptoms include a chronic headache, frequent earaches, pain in the neck of shoulders, and toothaches (if the patient also grinds his/her teeth). If you believe you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then schedule a visit for a thorough diagnosis.

Question: Can I reduce the severity of symptoms myself?

Answer: You can help alleviate the severity of symptoms. We suggest placing a warm wet cloth against the side of the face. You should also cut back on caffeine and avoid chewing on hard or chewy objects, which could otherwise exacerbate symptoms.

Question: What treatment options are available?

Answer: We can help treat the issue with an oral appliance. Worn at night, the device supports the lower jaw to ease the strain on the jaw joints. If the patient also suffers from bruxism then the device provides a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, which prevents further damage to the teeth. If you have questions about TMJ disorder or our TMD treatment options, then please contact our office today.

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