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What Is Gum Disease and Could I Have It?

Gingivitis, periodontitis and gum disease – chances are you have heard these terms, before, but you may not have realized that they are all describing the same condition, simply at varying degrees. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, a condition that affects millions of Americans each year. It often results in red, tender,… Read more »

Reasons to Kick That Soda Habit, Once and for All

Do you love an iced cold soda in the afternoon, as a pick-me-up? How about when you wake up in the morning, with dinner, and possibly even as a dessert? While you probably already know that the added sugar in colas could be bad for your waistline and overall health, have you ever considered what… Read more »

Look Great In Photos with These Smile Tips

The holiday season is in full swing now, which means that between now and New Year’s Eve you will likely have a variety of photo ops with family and friends. Does that make you a bit concerned, though, because you have never liked the way you smile in photos? If so, don’t fret the festive… Read more »

What Does Your Smile Need in 2017?

Wondering what you need to do, in 2017, to keep your smile in great shape? Maybe you suffered from several cavities or other dental issues, this year, and are hoping to improve your oral health come January. Whatever your motivation, behind trying to better care for your smile in the coming year, the good news… Read more »

Can You Prevent Dental Problems This Christmas Season?

Who doesn’t love the holiday season and all the merriment that comes along with it? From the lights on display to the time reserved for gathering with loved ones, the children’s palpable joy at the sight of what Santa brings them, to the opportunity to give to others, what is your favorite part of the… Read more »

Can You Do More to Protect Your Smile?

Do you frequently wonder how healthy your smile actually is, or if there are steps you should be taking at-home to better care for it and to protect against cavities? In fact, when it comes to oral health, have you always felt a little lost? Preventing dental problems does not have to be difficult, complicated… Read more »

Are Your Kids Really Caring for Their Teeth?

As a parent, you probably take a lot of steps to help ensure your kids stay safe, healthy and happy. You might make them wear helmets when they ride their bikes, eat green vegetables at least once a day, and even brush their teeth each morning and night. But do you sometimes wonder if there… Read more »

Send Them Home This Halloween With Healthy Smiles

Will you soon be opening your door to the dozens of trick-or-treaters that are likely to come knocking on your door this Halloween looking for loot? While most people do think of candy, when it comes time to celebrate Halloween, candy is only one of the many treats that can help put a smile on… Read more »

Ouch! Is That a Cavity Causing Your Tooth Sensitivity?

Has it been months since you were last able to enjoy your daily cup of coffee without wincing silently in pain? Even though dessert has long been your favorite food group, do you now find yourself passing it up because you can’t stand the discomfort you feel when biting into a sweet treat? Did you… Read more »

Do Babies Need Dental Care?

Did you know that even before a baby’s teeth first tooth erupts, it is still important to provide the child with regular dental care at-home? Dental appointments are also important, even for toddlers. That is because even babies are susceptible to dental problems, such as a condition called baby bottle tooth decay. To help keep… Read more »