Can You Prevent Dental Problems This Christmas Season?

Can You Prevent Dental Problems This Season?Who doesn’t love the holiday season and all the merriment that comes along with it? From the lights on display to the time reserved for gathering with loved ones, the children’s palpable joy at the sight of what Santa brings them, to the opportunity to give to others, what is your favorite part of the season? Whatever you look forward to most, don’t let your excitement cause you to compromise general dental health? After all, your smile still needs routine care. Keep yours healthy throughout December and beyond, by taking simple steps to protect your dental health.

Avoid Hard Candies and Extremely Chewy Items

One simple way to protect the smile is by being mindful of what you’re eating. Sugar is a main contributor of cavity development, but sugar is not the only threat your smile might face this holiday season. Keep in mind that hard items like many candies and even ice cubes can be bad for teeth, which can chip and crack. Chewy items are also problematic, since they can stick to the surface of teeth, where they can contribute to plaque buildup.

If you’re looking for truly smile-healthy options, stick to nutrient rich foods that are low in sugar.

Don’t Just Drink Festive (Sweetened) Beverages

Most holiday gatherings are filled with plenty of festive beverage options, from hot apple cider to cranberry-infused cocktails. Just keep in mind that water is absolutely essential to prolonged oral health, so don’t skip out on H20 just because there are lots of delicious drinks on hand.

Instead, start and end each meal (and party) with plenty of water, and if you are going to drink sweetened, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, make sure you alternate these drinks with water, to help ensure you stay properly hydrated, and to protect your dental health.

Keep Up Your Hygiene Routine

During busy seasons it is easy to overlook dental hygiene, or to make excuses why it’s okay to skip out on brushing or flossing. Unfortunately, this can lead to increased tartar buildup, that can contribute to a host of dental issues, which would become apparent at your next dental checkup and cleaning. Avoid this by committing to maintain your daily hygiene routine, even on particularly busy days. Also, if you will be traveling a great deal during the holidays, make sure to keep a travel-sized tube of toothpaste, a brush and floss close at hand.

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