Can You Do More to Protect Your Smile?

Can You Protect Your Smile?Do you frequently wonder how healthy your smile actually is, or if there are steps you should be taking at-home to better care for it and to protect against cavities? In fact, when it comes to oral health, have you always felt a little lost? Preventing dental problems does not have to be difficult, complicated or even time consuming. It does, however, require a combination of healthy habits, like eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding too much sugar, and taking care of one’s teeth daily. If you care about preventing cavities and other oral health threats, it is important to take your preventive dentist’s advice about what is actually required to best protect your teeth!

Healthy Habits At-home Can Help with Dental Health

While dental hygiene is often the first thing that comes to mind, when it comes to protecting the teeth, a healthy diet can actually be a great aid in preserving one’s oral health, as well. That is because the teeth and gums need nutrients, like the rest of the body, to remain strong and healthy.

Most dentists recommend eating lots of vegetables and fruits, along with lean proteins, healthy fats, and dairy products (for patients who are able to consume lactose). It is also important to limit one’s sugar intake, since sugar can contribute to cavity development.

Of course, water is also essential to oral health, because it helps a person produce saliva, which is a natural defense against plaque buildup. Without saliva, tartar is far more likely to be created, eventually leading to acidic erosion that can cause cavities.

Dental hygiene and routine preventive checkups and cleanings are also important to protecting one’s smile. But starting with a healthy diet can certainly help!

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